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Sidewalk Powerwashing 2018


Downtown Plainfield Alliance will be powerwashing the sidewalks of our downtown in the Spring of 2018. We need your help! We need both volunteers and donations in order to cover the cost of the entire week long operation. The downtown sidewalks are covered in gum, dirt and grime that needs a good cleaning in order to make our downtown look more presentable. Plainfield must return to a pattern of investment and maintenance of its infrastructure. A part of that effort should be maintaining attractive and safe sidewalks and curbing.

The results of this is a clean and aesthetically pleasing downtown that's both safe and gum-less (seriously...there's gum everywhere!). Find out more information below and please visit our GoFundMe page to donate!

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Rent equipment to powerwash all downtown sidewalks, including (but not limited to) Watchung Avenue, Park Avenue, East Front Street, West Front Street, East Second Street, West Second Street, Central Avenue, North Avenue, East Fourth Street, West Fourth Street, East Fifth Street, West Fifth Street, East Sixth Street, West Sixth Street, East Seventh Street, West Seventh Street, Cleveland Avenue, Church Street, Court Place, Madison Avenue, Duer Street, Roosevelt Avenue, Orange Place, Arlington Avenue, Depot Park Somerset Street, and Grove Street.



(Not so bad considering downtown is over 40 blocks)


We will need to rent the following equipment: 2 Power washers, 2 surface cleaners, and a water truck. The cheapest power washers and surface cleaners that we could find were at The Home Depot in Union, NJ. The surface cleaners will dramatically cut down the amount of time it will take to powerwash the sidewalks. The cheapest water truck we've found was from Sunbelt in Perth Amboy.

Power Washers (Gas):
Weekly rental = $384
x2 power washers = $768.00
+7% sales tax

= $821.76

Surface cleaners:
Weekly Rental = $128
x2 surface cleaners = $256.00
+7% sales tax

= $273.92

Water Truck (2,000 Gallon):
Weekly Rental = $1,550.00
+7% sales tax

= $1,659.00

Total Equipment Cost = $2,754.68

We will need the following supplies: fuel and t-shirts. We need enough t-shirts for all of our volunteers and board members in order to make them easily identifiable Downtown for their safety. We're unsure at the moment the final cost of fuel, however since the water truck is quite large and needs to get around both sides of downtown (and to and from Perth Amboy), but we anticipate $300 in gas fees. We already have a water supply.

Fuel (est.):
1 Week = $300.00

= $300.00

60 Embroidered shirts = $300.00

= $350.00

GoFundMe Fee:
7% of funds raised = $370.00

Total Supplies Cost = $1,020.00


Of course we cannot have a successful event unless we have labor. The good news is we're a volunteer organization, and so, our labor will be carried out through volunteers. We expect 4 shifts of two powerwashers and 2 shifts of water truck drivers a day for a seven day period.

70 volunteer slots = $0.00

= $0.00

Total Labor Cost = $0.00

GRAND TOTAL = $3,774.68



All Downtown Sidewalks

We're raising money to cover the cost of the powerwashing. If you would like to donate, please click the link below!