Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


What is your mission?

Our mission is to improve Downtown Plainfield in areas of marketing, volunteerism, design, fundraising and economic development to re-energize the downtown area and improve the street aesthetics. The organization supports Transit-Oriented Development, smart growth, new urbanism, and Main Street NJ's "Four Points"-approach.

We wish to make Downtown an exciting live, work, play community with an emphasis on safety, affordability and quality.

Who are the Board Members?

The board members come from a wide array of backgrounds and all support a revived Downtown Plainfield. The board is diverse, millennial-led and has a strong focus on volunteerism, design, community inclusion and marketing. Our board comes from the fields of Real Estate, Development, Urban Planning/Zoning, Marketing/Design and Education.

What is the organization's relationship with the City and PMUA?

Downtown Plainfield Alliance will support all of the City of Plainfield's, and the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA)'s, plans for Downtown. Although we are a nonprofit organization and not a government organization, we will look for nonprofit grants to fulfill the city's many plans for improvements. The city's agreements with PMUA will not be impacted by our clean-up activities. The PMUA serves the day-to-day clean-up activities for our city's commercial areas while Downtown Plainfield Alliance (DPA) will have scheduled clean-up events for specific areas of the Downtown for volunteers. 

What activities will the organization be involved in?

We will focus on beautification improvements to the area, along with events that will help local commerce, such as sidewalk sales. We will plant street trees and flowers; improve pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure; improve way-finding and signage, market Downtown online; advertise Downtown related events; educate the public on codes, laws and economic development incentives; work with the Special Improvement District and Chamber of Commerce to improve the business environment downtown; and advertise our newest apartments and storefronts. We will also conduct outreach to companies in other cities throughout the state and country in order to market our city as a possible area for relocation or expansion and put Plainfield on the map.

How can I help?

You can volunteer or donate to any number of causes by visiting our volunteer | donate page. We are strong believers in crowdfunding and its power in attracting supporters far and wide. We are currently going through the process of 501(c) 3 registration, so initial donations may not be tax-deductible.

How do I know my donation will go to the correct project/cause?

We pledge to use all money we receive only for the cause that the donor specifies. All donations will go to separate accounts set up specifically for each cause. You can check our volunteer | donate page for the description, latest updates and details regarding each project and keep progress of our fundraising activities.

Why do you require board members to sign a political-waiver?

In order to stay impartial and non-political, we must ensure that our board members are politically unmotivated and only desire to forward our organization's goals. Our organization is built upon cooperation, community service and inclusion, so we welcome all despite color, race, religion, political affiliation, sex, or sexual orientation. 

How will the organization fund its operations?

Grants and Donations. We intend to apply for every grant we can in order to bring Plainfield's plans to life. We will apply to banks, corporations, private donors and government entities for funding.

What about the Special Improvement District and Plainfield Chamber of Commerce?

The importance of having a strong Special Improvement District (SID) and Chamber of Commerce has never been greater in this challenging business market facing many threats, including indoor malls and online shopping. We wish to strengthen the goals and activities of the Special Improvement District and Plainfield Chamber of Commerce by helping mobilize marketing and volunteerism to solve many of Downtown's issues. We welcome cooperation on all levels in order to get the job done.



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