Downtown Plainfield Alliance Earth Day Cleanup 2017

PLAINFIELD --- On Earth Day, April 22, 2017, Downtown Plainfield Alliance recruited volunteers to cleanup the downtown and plant ornamental grasses on Roosevelt Avenue and East 3rd Street near Union County College. 

The cleanup was a major success. we cleaned up areas near the train station and branched out in two areas, north of the station and south of the station. The city parking lot adjacent to the train station on the corner of East 4th Street and Cleveland Avenue, was completely rid of trash and debris. We also did plantings in the island on Roosevelt Avenue near East Third Street (adjacent to Union County College). The 13 plants beautified an area filled with dirt, grass and weeds. The City was even able to accommodate us with mulch!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the many groups that helped make this whole thing possible: Queen City Pride for supplies, advertisements and help cleaning up, The City of Plainfield DPW and Community Development office for the donation of supplies, Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) for picking up the garbage bags, Angels of Action for coming to volunteer, Plainfield Seventh Day Adventist Church for coming to volunteer and Great Swamp Greenhouses for donating one plant to us in order to complete the project. These organizations all came together to support and donate their time and money to be sure we had a successful day. We want also thank the private individuals that donated: Charlene O'neal, Victor Pujara (our Treasurer), Sequoia Richardson, LaRita Langston, Ashley Falla, Mohamed Eladawy, the anonymous $100.00 donator, and many more. You're all rockstars.

Our next cleanup will be in September. Downtown Plainfield Alliance will keep everyone posted on developments!