Perhaps the most important step in choosing where to live is determining what school to send your child. All parents should know their options in selecting a school or childcare center for their child. The Plainfield Public Schools, Union County Vocational-Technical Schools, various charter schools and many private institutions serve the needs of the K-12 student population in Plainfield. Union County College's Plainfield Campus is also located Downtown with many classes in the medical and nursing field. Find out more information on schools below:


Public School Districts

Plainfield Public Schools (PreK-12)

The Plainfield Public School District administers education for grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The district has a free pre-kindergarten program for all students. Most students in the Downtown attend Stillman Elementary, Barlow Elementary, or Evergreen Elementary for K-5 before going on to attend Maxson Middle School or Hubbard Middle School for 6th through 8th grades. All students in the district attend Plainfield High School.

Map of Elementary School Boundaries

Union County Vocational-Technical Schools (9-12)

The Union County Vocational Technical Schools (UCVTS) are a grouping of schools on the Union County Vocational Technical Schools Campus in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, which offers six potential programs for students across Union County, five at the high school level for students in ninth through twelfth grades and one at the adult education level. The high school level programs are separated into two groups, full-time students and shared-time students; and the full-time programs are further subdivided into the vocational program and career academies. The school offers five academies for students in grades 9-12: Union County Magnet High School, Union County Vocational-Technical School, The Academy for Performing Arts, The Academy for Allied Health Sciences, and The Academy for Information Technology. The Union County Magnet High School is currently ranked #6 in the state by U.S. News & World Report, while Union County Tech is ranked #52 in the state. The Union County Magnet High School is the winner of the Governor’s School of Excellence Award, recipient of the New Jersey Star School designation and recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School, the Magnet is one of the region's most competitive and successful specialized programs.



Charter Schools (Tuition-Free)

Queen City Academy Charter School (K-8)

Queen City Academy is an established charter school on Plainfield's West End that has proven to be a strong option for families seeking an alternative to the public school district. Along with core subjects of Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies, QCA offers Spanish, Music, Art, Technology, Dance, Physical Education and Health.

Barack Obama Green Charter High School (9-12)

The Barack Obama Green Charter School is a public high school located Downtown whose mission is to prepare students to become informed, engaged and independent critical thinkers and to inspire leaders for sustainable development with a focus on our environment. The school has a rigorous curriculum and a unique learning structure.

Cresthaven Academy Charter School (K-3)

Cresthaven Academy Charter School is the newest charter school in Plainfield.Their mission is to provide an academically rigorous education to their students that will ensure that they are successful in school and beyond. The charter school aims to add one grade per year.


Union County TEAMS Charter School (K-12)

The Union County TEAMS Charter School for Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Science is a small learning community where all students achieve high academic standards by using the built environment as a learning laboratory. Students will gain the tools and confidence necessary for successful high school experiences, post-secondary education, and the world of work; will interact with professionals in the construction community, and will manifest by their experiential learning.

College Achieve Charter School (K-3; 5-7)

College Achieve is located in the city's East End and is one of the newest charter schools, operating since 2014. College Achieve's main mission is to prepare all students to be college-bound and uses a college-prep curriculum. The school is considering adding the 4th grade in the near future.


Private Schools


CHOICE Schools

New Jersey's Interdistrict Public School Choice Program enables approved choice districts to enroll K-12th grade students who do not reside within their districts without cost to their parents.  The program increases educational opportunities for students and their families by providing students with school options outside of their district of residence and giving parents the power to select a school program that best serves their child's individual needs.

District participation in the program is optional. Once approved, the choice district designates the available seats in specific grades and programs that are open to choice students. Where choice options are available, any student who resides in New Jersey is eligible to apply.

There are currently 129 participating Choice Districts for the 2016-17 school year. The annual deadline to apply is usually the first week in December for the following school year. The following Choice Districts are closest to Plainfield:


Bound Brook High School |Bound Brook Public Schools| Bound Brook, NJ| Flyer

David Brearley High School |Kenilworth Public Schools| Kenilworth, NJ

Jonathan Dayton High School | Springfield Public Schools| Springfield, NJ


Winfield School |Winfield Public Schools| Winfield, NJ


Higher Education

Plainfield is located in direct vicinity of many of the regions most highly-ranked colleges and universities. Union County College (UCC) has one of four campuses in Downtown Plainfield, which specializes in medical and nursing curriculum. The college also is affiliated with Plainfield's JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools at the former Muhlenberg Hospital campus. Other local colleges in the area have strong relations with the Plainfield community and graduate many Plainfield residents, including: