Why Plainfield?

We have the right development philosophy, the right location and the right character. Our people are strong, committed, educated and diverse. We are one of the state's newest Transit Villages. Get to know Downtown Plainfield and find out why you should invest in our future. 

Plainfield's Netherwood TOD Zones won NJFuture's Smart Growth Awards 2015.
Downtown Plainfield is one of the state's newest transit villages and full embraces the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) philosophy. We are a true live, work, play community.
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We've won Tree City USA seven times!
Plainfield is one of 600 communities in the United States to have won the All-America City award. (1976)

Accomplishments, Awards and Memberships that matter.

Plainfield is the winner of NJ Future's 2015 Smart Growth Awards. Our Downtown was designated a Transit Village by the NJ Department of Transportation (DOT) in 2014, which opened our downtown to state development assistance. Plainfield also benefits from the recent Raritan Valley Line one-seat ride which allows NJ Transit's Raritan Valley Line trains to make trips directly to and from New York Penn Station and decreases travel time by as much as 15 minutes. We have a winning formula and our current redevelopment proves so.


Good Numbers

Superior Location

Plainfield's potential is coming to life. Train ridership is high, crime is low and land values are increasing. These metrics tell a story of a recovering and restructuring downtown with strong investment potential. As a developer, you're looking to maximize your investment and make the most for your shareholders while contributing to a local community and it's redevelopment plans. With these numbers ever improving, the time to buy is now.


We are only 29 Miles from New York City and 81 miles to Philadelphia -two of the largest cities in the entire Northeast. Plainfield's two train stations service thousands of passengers a week. We are close to major highways, including Rt. 22, I-78, I-287, the NJ Turnpike, and the Garden State Parkway. As a part of Union County, we are located in an area poised for strong redevelopment and a predicted increase in population. This supports Plainfield's redevelopment ambitions, excellent housing stock, convenience and resulting economic potential. 


New Developments


Since 2013, we've approved over 389 new, high quality apartments downtown. Of those, 126 are built, 60 are under construction, and 203 are to start construction shortly.

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Buena Vista Estates | 40 Roosevelt Avenue | Senior Housing - October 2015


Ready to Grow

NJ Transit constructing new train trestles for Park Avenue and Watchung Avenue - October 2015

Plainfield is ready for the future. PSE&G recently upgraded our electrical infrastructure Downtown, our police have installed safety cameras.  The city has new parks, streetscapes and improved parking lots planned to improve quality of life. Plainfield is taking care of its infrastructural needs Downtown.

As if that isn't enough to be excited about, according to the 2015 New Jersey State Rail Plan, NJ Transit has various longterm improvements proposed for the Raritan Valley Line (RVL):

  • Hunter Flyover Improvements: RVL trains join Northeast Corridor trains at the Hunter Flyover in Newark. RVL trains currently have to travel against oncoming trains to cross tracks to reach Track 1 in Newark Penn Station, which severely limits train traffic and morning time slots available for the RVL. A dedicated-grade track will fix this problem and improve capacity on the RVL. (Estimated Cost: $250 million/Estimated Completion Date: 2019)

  • Gateway Tunnel: The new Gateway Tunnel to New York City will improve the capacity and efficiency of trains going into and out of Manhattan, cutting commute times across the region and improving system reliability. (Estimated Cost: $24 billion/Estimated Completion Date: 2030)

  • West Trenton Line: Studies are being prepared for a new train line to branch off of the RVL in Bridgewater and head southwest to connect to Philadelphia-bound SEPTA trains at West Trenton. This will make it possible to travel from Plainfield to Philadelphia by train, making us even more accessible. (Estimated Cost: $219 million/Estimated Completion Date [2010 study]: 2030)

  • Expansion to Allentown, PA: NJ Transit, Amtrak and Lehigh Valley area officials are exploring the possible restart of service to Pennsylvania. The Lehigh Valley population is expected to grow 35% by 2040, and train service is vital to alleviating traffic demands in the region. It is estimated that currently 26,000 Valley area residents commute to work in New Jersey and another 4,300 commute to New York. Extending the RVL to Phillipsburg, Easton, Bethlehem and Allentown would give the region train service for the first time since service was discontinued by NJ Transit in 1982. Amtrak was testing a train on the RVL in Spring of 2016. (Estimated Cost: $658 million/ Estimated Completion Date: TBD)

  • Platform Extensions: The station platforms throughout the RVL are proposed to be expanded to accommodate up to 8 cars compared to 6 cars currently. The longer trains will increase capacity on the RVL.

  • Express Service: The addition of a third track between Bridgewater and Roselle Park will make more express trains possible and increase train speeds on the line. This would include the installation of overhead catenary systems similar to the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coastline train lines. This will drastically reduce travel time to and from Newark/New York.

  • Expansion of One-Seat Ride: Currently the one-seat ride does not operate during peak hours or on weekends. Expansion of hours for one-seat ride depends on the above infrastructure improvements, mainly the Gateway Tunnel.